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St Mary McKillop Catholic Primary School has a school uniform and all children are required to wear the school uniform appropriately.  This includes while on the way to and from school. The uniform should be worn neatly as it is an indication of pride in the school.

Other Points:

  • Children are not permitted to wear rings or ear-rings during school hours.
    (Plain studs or sleepers are permitted)
  • Make-up and nail polish are not to be worn during school hours.
  • Extremes of hair fashion should be avoided. Long hair should be tied back.
  • Hair accessories for girls – teal or white.
  • All children’s clothing and property must be labelled (surname)
  • Hats are a compulsory item of uniform during term 1 and term 4. Sunglasses are suggested to protect the children’s eyes.

View the uniform price list.

Bannockburn’s Weather

The school has both a summer and winter uniform.  As a general guide, we ask that the summer uniform be worn during Term 1 and Term 4.  The winter uniform should be worn during Term 2 and Term 3.  However, we strongly suggest to parents that they have their children wear the uniform which is most comfortable for any particular day.

Where to Purchase

The St Mary MacKillop school uniform is only available from Bellarine Uniforms in Moorabool St Geelong.  Contact: 5221 9199

There is a Facebook page for Second Hand Uniform pieces that is managed by a group of parents.  The name of the page is St Mary MacKillop Bannockburn Parents Page 

You need to join before gaining access to the page.

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