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  • 8.40am Bell to enter Classroom – Children line up in designated areas
  • 10.45am Recess Eating Time
  • 10.55am Recess play
  • 11.25am End of Recess and commence second learning session
  • 1.25pm Lunch Eating Time
  • 1.35pm Lunch play
  • 2.15pm End of lunch and commence third learning session
  • 3.15pm End of day

The school gates open at 8.30am. Children should not be arriving alone or left unsupervised before the gates are opened. Staff are on duty from 8.30am at the main gates and playground to supervise students.

All students should have arrived by the time of the first bell at 8.40am so they are ready to move into learning time.

Gates are closed soon after 8.45am. If gates are closed parents and children are to come in via the front office. Parents are to sign the late student in via the iPad which will update the absence status on the roll. DO NOT JUST SEND CHILDREN IN.

If possible, we ask that parents collect children close to break times for appointments etc. Students need to be signed out on the iPad when being collected. Please do not send absence notes for the early collection as this confuses the system and marks the child as absent before you collect them.

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