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At St Mary MacKillop CPS our ‘School Fees’ are divided into three separate charges and some additional depending on child’s year level.

The following is a breakdown of the fee structure for 2023.

  • School Family Fee: The School Fee is a family fee. One School Fee is charged per family.
  • Capital Development Levy: This charge is used to repay loans for facilities that have and will be developed.
  • Student Curriculum Levy: The Individual Curriculum Fee is charged to each child.  This fee covers most stationery, library and resource development, incursions and excursions.

2023 Fees and Charges

  • The School Fee per family $1560.00
  • The Capital Development Levy per family $300.00

Student Curriculum Levy

Prep to Year 2: $420

  • The Individual Fee has been kept the same as in 2021 which includes a Technology Levy for the use of iPads in our junior classes which now have a ratio better than 1 iPad per two children.  The Individual Fee in the Prep – Year 2 includes all classroom requirements, excursion and incursion costs and costs associated with various curriculum areas.

Year 3 to 6: $870

  • To make budgeting easier for our Year 3 – 6 families we have included our camp fee ($300) and iPad charge ($140) into our Individual Fee.  The Individual Fee remains the same as 2021. Like the Prep – Year 2 the Individual Fees cover everything.  However, in Year 3 – 6 they do not cover the children’s individual selection of pencils, textas etc.

Payment of Accounts

Your account can be paid:

  • One lump sum (before the end of term one)
  • Three equal payments
    • By the end of term one
    • By the end of term two
    • By the end of term three
  • Direct Debit (11 monthly payments or 22 fortnightly payments).
    • Monthly begins on 16th February
    • Fortnightly begins on 17th February
  • Direct deposit into our school account:
    • BSB No: 083 347    A/C No: 8915 33125
    • Use your Debtor ID which is located on the top right hand corner of your fee statement.

If you wish to make a different arrangement for the payment of your fees, please contact the school office.

Most importantly:

If parents are having financial difficulties and cannot maintain their financial commitment to the school, please contact the Principal to discuss how we can assist.  Payment plans can be developed to assist families meet their financial commitment to the school.

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