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During 2019 a process is being undertaken that includes all families, staff and children and parish to develop a Vision for our school based on the philosophy of St Mary MacKillop.


Our Parish Catholic schools have been established primarily for Catholic children.  We are open and welcoming to all Catholic students and where places exist, non-Catholic children as well.

As the first educators of their children parents are encouraged to enter into partnership with our Parish schools to promote and support their child’s education.  We strive for excellence in student learning, their wellbeing and spiritual growth.

As a Catholic primary school we offer a broad comprehensive curriculum with an authentic Catholic understanding of Christ and his teaching, as well as a lived appreciation of membership of the Catholic Church.

Our Catholic schools are an integral part of the mission of the church.  We ensure an authentic Catholic identity and the Policy is reflective of the guidelines approved by the Archbishop of Melbourne.

Documentation Required

Parents are required to complete the Application for enrolment form before enrolment into a school can be considered.

The following documentation is required for enrolment:

  • Birth certificate
  • Baptism certificate
  • Immunisation certificate
  • Relevant Visa and Passport (if applies)
  • Proof of Residence

Enrolment Process and Procedures

CEOM Policy 2.4 will guide all decisions that relate to Enrolment process and procedures.

For enrolment information please contact the school office on 5281 8500.

Waiting List

In the event of a school in the Parish being unable to offer a place to a Catholic child resident in Meredith Parish catchment areas, the Parish will make every effort to support enrolment in another school.

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