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St Mary MacKillop Catholic Primary School is committed to developing a love of Mathematics in our children. We also aspire to develop children who are confident, positive, persistent and skilled learners of Mathematics.

Classroom learning of Mathematics is guided by the Victorian Curriculum to ensure that learning outcomes are achieved. Children engage daily in 60-minute mathematical sessions where the focus is on concepts rather than procedures. Each Mathematics lesson begins with a Number focus involving counting, identifying patterns and mental computation skills which targets our students at their point of need.

Pre and post assessment data informs our teaching and guides us in differentiating the learning experiences according to the individual needs of the children. Staff meetings during the term allows for rich dialogue and shared collaboration of ideas among classroom teachers and the Mathematics Leader.

St Mary MacKillop is dedicated to assisting children to reach their full potential.

Opportunities are offered to apply Mathematics knowledge in a variety of ways.  Technology is used to assist in building skills and knowledge. For example, the Mfacts121 program, and participating in external competitions, such as Maths Olympiad and Maths Games.

St Mary MacKillop acknowledges the important role that parents play in the development of children’s learning in Mathematics. Home – School partnerships are encouraged, offering timely feedback to parents about their child’s learning and discussing ways to continue and consolidate the learning in the home.

It is better to solve one problem five different ways, than to solve five problems one way.

George Pólya  

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