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Our Church

The original church in Bannockburn was named St John the Evangelist.  This church was destroyed by fire in October 2015 and we were fortunate enough to open our newly constructed new church in 2019.

The parish community was consulted on the selection of names for both the school and the church and through this process it was agreed that both school and church should bear the name of Australia’s first saint, Mary MacKillop.

St Mary MacKillop brings a real sense of freshness and hope, tying well to the rapid growth of the Bannockburn area and to the re-vitalisation of the parish.

St Mary spent much time seeking to provide education in rural areas and her catch phrase typifies something of the nature of the parish: “never see a need without doing something about it”.

Our School Logo

The St Mary MacKillop Catholic Primary School logo is an abstract impression of a bridge. Historic bridges are a key feature of the region and are also symbolic of ‘connection’.

The ability to connect the community is one of the key objectives of our school. The two sections of the bridge meet to suggest the linking of our school and church and the holistic education we provide.

The southern cross stars have been incorporated because St Mary MacKillop is patron saint of the ‘Knights of the Southern Cross’.

The colours used in the logo are inspired by the local landscape. The teal green is suggestive of the gumtrees and the grape/burgundy of the grape vines prominent in the region.

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