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Thank you for visiting the St Mary MacKillop Catholic Primary School website.  St Mary MacKillop will open its doors in 2018 to provide a Catholic education for children from both Catholic and non-Catholic families.

Here you will find a range of information that will assist you to gain a better idea of who we are, what our core values are and how we will organise our curriculum and learning opportunities for the children in our care.

As Principal, it is my privilege to extend you a warm welcome to our school.  I hope that all who are associated with this school find it to be a pleasant environment where Gospel values are lived.

It is my hope and that of our community, that all who join us will feel welcome and be able to look back on your time here with fond memories.

At St Mary MacKillop Catholic Primary School, we will be establishing a community of learners that includes our students, parents, staff and the wider community. We are keen to learn the stories of all in our community and value the richness of our diverse experiences, perspectives and interests. We will be focused on Continuous Improvement in our learning and teaching that reflects contemporary learning needs.  St Mary MacKillop will be a place of learning that seeks to nurture confident learners who will be prepared to embrace the challenges of a future that is theirs.

Our dedicated staff will be able to offer:

  • A welcoming, friendly atmosphere with a Gospel based approach to all that we do
  • The chance for children to perform to the best of their ability
  • Learning Communities based around a personalised learning environment
  • A caring and happy school, where everyone is treated with respect

 St Mary MacKillop Catholic Primary School is the only school in the Parish of Meredith and the only Catholic School between Geelong and Ballarat.  All who live in the Parish or Meredith boundaries are welcome to attend.

As a Catholic school, our focus is on the faith development of our children and ensuring religion and the Gospel values are integrated into the curriculum and teaching of all learning areas. At St Mary MacKillop we will implement a Faith Life Inquiry Approach which brings together the learning we do of our religion and faith with the learning we do of the world. We believe that children learn best when education in faith and life are connected to all learning.

At St Mary MacKillop, we value our rich religious traditions and culture and therefore we provide opportunities for our children and their families to celebrate our Catholic heritage, in many different sacramental and non-sacramental ways.

School Principal Anthony Drill pictured with Father Charles Balnaves

We recognise that parents are the child’s first teacher and it is our aim to work in partnership with parents in the continuing education of the children.  Together we can make a huge difference if we are on the same page.  There will be many opportunities for us to work in these partnerships and strengthen the bonds of communication through the various learning experiences that will happen here at school.

As a school community, we look forward to joining with you in the educational journey of your child. We value your input and look forward to an open and honest dialogue.

Anthony Drill

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