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St Mary MacKillop will open at the beginning of the 2018 school year with classes from prep to year six.

The school has been planned for a student population of around 400 students.  In 2018 we will be opening with somewhere between 70 – 100 students from Prep – Year 6.

Most of Golden Plains Shire and the whole of the Meredith Parish from Lal Lal to Winchelsea and Batesford to Shelford stands to be enriched by this wonderful new school. Our enrolment policy and a map of the enrolment boundary can be found here.

  1. Download the enrolment form here.
  2. Call into the Office on the corner of High and Milton Streets Bannockburn.
  3. Phone 0455500073 and request one be sent to you.
  4. Email us and request one be sent to you.

You will need to complete this form and return it (along with birth certificate, baptism certificate, immunization record and proof of address) to the school office or post to PO Box 347, Bannockburn VIC 3331 or email us

Anthony Drill was appointed Principal in September.  Anthony comes to us from his role as Principal of Queen of Peace Parish Primary School in Altona Meadows. He has been a principal for more than thirteen years and was a deputy principal for 14 years before that.

Anthony has been commuting to Altona Meadows since moving to Geelong in 2004 and is excited to begin meeting all of the children and their families and learning about their stories and building the school as an integral part of the community of Bannockburn and surrounding areas.

Anthony said he is hoping to bring a little of St Mary MacKillop to Bannockburn through instilling the values of Mary, like love, hope and compassion, into the school ethos.

“I hope to create a school that has a genuine sense of welcome to all in the community and will serve the Catholic community of the parish and will deliver a contemporary education that strives to deliver excellent outcomes for all of the children.”

St Mary MacKillop Catholic Primary School will be open to all (see Enrolment Policy) but there will be a priority given to Catholic children. Non-Catholic families will be welcomed but are expected to be supportive of the Catholic mission and traditions of the school.

As Catholic Schools are not fully funded by governments we have to charge fees.  It is always our aim to keep these as affordable as possible.  Below is a breakdown of what our fees will be for 2018.

Family Fee

$1400 – This is a per family charge no matter how many children.

Capital Fee

$200 – This is a per family charge no matter how many children.

Individual Fee

$300 – Per child and covers everything the children need including incursions, excursions, sports and sacramental expenses

Fees can be paid in many ways:

  1. Up front by beginning of March and enjoy a small discount
  2. Per term. Payable by the end of week 2 of each term
  3. Direct Deposit
  4. Direct Debit set up for weekly, fortnightly or monthly installments
  5. Other methods as discussed with the Principal.

St Mary MacKillop is a primary school in the Meredith parish, which is a priority parish for all Geelong region secondary colleges. Enrolments are subject to each Secondary college’s enrolment process. Priority is given to Catholic students in Catholic schools.

We have signed an agreement with Minx Architects to prepare the Master Plan for our school and to assist with the renovation works. The short-term plan is to freshen up the school with all new furniture, carpet and paint as well as landscaping and upgrading the entrance area.

The Master Plan will then be drawn up to make long-term improvements to the entire site. We want to build a school for the community so local families will be asked to be involved in the planning process.

Early Learning will not be provided in the short-term, however it may be reconsidered according to demand.

Yes, Before and After School Care will be provided by Bright Minds Early Learning Center at 17 Archer Way Bannockburn, approximately 500 metres from St Mary MacKillop Catholic Primary School.

The cost is $16.00 per child for the morning session and $21.00 per child for the afternoon session.  Government rebates are available.

Bright Minds will be open at 7.00am in the morning and close at 7.00pm in the evening.

Please contact Bright Minds for more information and bookings on (03)52921931 or email

Yes.  There is an agreement in place with the Bannockburn Library for our children and teachers to access the library.

The supervised school crossing on High Street will remain in operation.

As we enter the middle of November we have approximately 65 enrolments which will mean that we run composite learning areas for 2018.  The structure will be:

  • Prep, 1 and 2
  • Year 3 and 4
  • Year 5 & 6

This arrangement will be reviewed depending on enrolments closer to school opening.

Yes.  We are in discussion with Oxygen Music in Geelong to provide a variety of private lessons during school time including possibly Guitar, Piano, Drums and Singing.  More information will be available as it is finalised.

At this point we are looking to employ a specialized Physical Education Teacher, a Visual Arts or Music Teacher and a Language teacher (not sure of language as yet).

We are hoping to provide children from at least Year 4 – 6 with a camp experience in 2018.  This may mean joining with another school in the area and attending their camp.  More information as we work through this.

Yes.  Public Transport Victoria have informed us that we can access the buses that will be coming from Meredith, Lethbridge, Shelford, Inverliegh and Teesdale as well as other areas along the way. The routes and bus stops haven’t been confirmed yet but as soon as they have I will let you know.

Please see section on website for routes, forms and directions and criteria for completing the forms.

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